You Don’t Piss In The Well

It’s early afternoon in SoCal. Right now it looks like Congress will reach an agreement, the government will reopen and the debt ceiling crisis will be averted.

Where was all of this two weeks ago before we started looking like yahoos to the rest of the world? That’s humiliating.

In many ways this fight between Republican and Democrats reminded me of squabbles with Stef when she was four. Little kids have no leverage. To gain some their strategy often includes actions objectionable to both sides.

I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue while you think about that last sentence.

Like Stef at four the Republicans in Washington feel they’re without leverage. I won’t lie. That’s mostly true. They only have the power to say no and even that’s limited.

Hopefully, by our actions, Helaine and I taught Stef what Congress doesn’t seem to understand. When you fight, you need to remember there is a tomorrow. You don’t throw firebombs to make a point.

More succinctly, you don’t piss in the well.

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Piss In The Well”

  1. I actually found myself apologizing to 4 german exchange students who were stranded without wheels because of the shutdown. They couldn’t get the paperwork they needed to register their cars, so they couldn’t get to work much less anywhere else. Fortunately the company that sponsored them rented cars for them on their corporate account until it could get straightened out.
    I told these kids it wasn’t my PERSONAL fault the government was shut down because I didn’t vote in the jerks that caused it. Also told them that I hoped they had a great stay in America and to remember that not all of us are immature idiots.

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