Heading To Florida


Bad time to have a cold. I’m flying this afternoon. Stef and I are heading to Florida to get my parents ready to move. My sister and brother-in-law are already there.

My parents are on their way to Wisconsin where my sister and her family live. There are grandchildren and great grandchildren there too.

It’s a bittersweet move, but it’s necessary. They’re taking an apartment in an assisted living community near Milwaukee. My folks need the reassurance that comes with having help in the building and family nearby.

My sister says it’s an active community. When she visited there were lots of people socializing.

My dad’s already sold the car and their condo. There’ll be a lot more purging this weekend.

Helaine and I went through the same ritual when we moved here from Connecticut. It’s tough. Who wants to throw away all those things you wanted to save. All those memories.

If everything goes according to plan my parents will be in Milwaukee in a few weeks. Winter in Wisconsin is harsh, but they won’t have to deal with it. Nearly everything they need will be footsteps away.

10 thoughts on “Heading To Florida”

  1. Geoff, it would have been nice if you could have convinced your parents to move to California, not Wisconsin. You would have been close to them and the weather would have been nicer during the winter months.
    I’ve flown with a head cold. It is a good idea to take something like Sudafed a couple of hours before you land. When I was flying to Australia one time, as the plane was landing, it felt like an ice pick going through my head. The pain was terrible.

  2. All the best to your folks! I worried so when we moved my Gram to a facility after her stroke. We tried caring for her 24:7 but it was beyond what we could do. Imagine our surprise when she “thrived” in her new community! She enjoyed new friends, day trips, the works. We’d have parties there with the whole family. While the move is hard, it will be great in the long run… Florida is warm, but family is warmer! <3

  3. All the best wishes for your parents it is hard to move but it’s best to have family near by. I’m sure they will be hAppy in their new place. 🙂

  4. It makes sense. The cost of living in Milwaukee versus Orange Co. is much more tolerable. They might enjoy having 4 seasons again! Good luck with the move!

  5. God’s many blessings to your parents as they move to WI-may they have many wonderful years there with your sister and their grandchildren. This picture and the post choked me up! I can imagine it being bittersweet-like you said throwing away those things you wanted to keep and moving on-hard at any age.

  6. Good luck to you, your parents and your sister’s family on this move. It’s very difficult having to admit our parents need so much help, but it better for them!

  7. Good for your folks to do this. Mine moved to assisted living 10 years ago and my Dad managed to have 8 good years. Caution though: make sure your sister keeps track of their finances. We were promised that my dad could stay where he was at when the money ran out but it did not happen that way. Good luck to them and all of you!

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