Boynton Beach


I was just called to the closet in the spare bedroom.  Dead palmetto bug, aka huge Florida size cockroach, needed a proper burial.  The dismantling of my parents condo is underway.

My parents have been in this condo nearly 14 years ago.  There’s lots that accumulated.  There’s lots that needs to go.

It`s interesting to see technology outmoded while still working. 


Stef will go home with an 8mm projector and original model Polaroid camera.  They`re accent pieces starting today.

Stef and my sister are doing  nearly all the work.  I am close to worthless under most circumstances.  With this cold I`m truly worthless.


John and Alyce Fowler threw a going away party this afternoon at the clubhouse.  Lots of friends and goodbyes.  A sad part of Florida retirement living is how often there are no goodbyes.

So much still to do.  Moving is hard work.

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  1. Big fan of your parents! Hooked when I saw the anniversary video you made! Give them hugs from your CT Fans and tell then we wish them well! Hope your cold is better! 🙂

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