SoCal Has A Smell Good Plumber

I was thinking about commercials a few days ago. The knee jerk reaction is to poo poo them. However, some commercials get knit into the fabric of our lives.

When the Giants are playing at the Meadowlands and that 5-note whistle comes on, I have to think of PC Richards. It’s involuntary.

In Connecticut there is Bob Kaufman who turned a whiny voice into TV magic! Is there any larger TV advertiser on the East Coast? I doubt it!

I met Bob at a New Haven Ravens game years ago. He seemed like a nice guy. I bought two love seats and a sofa from him. Good value and very comfortable.

There’s another iconic Connecticut Bob from Bob’s of Milford (though I’m not sure his name is actually Bob). Helaine always thought Bob’s, “He just wants to get you a loan,” was, “He just wants to get you alone.” That would be creepy.

Every market has them. In Philadelphia there was Ben Krass who sold suits in South Philly. Cleveland had JB Robinson Jewelers with stores “across the street from, but not in” some mall.

I’ve got a favorite in SoCal. It’s Mike Diamond.

Our plumbers will show up on time and smell good or the house call is free. That’s a promise.

Yup, Mike Diamond is the smell good plumber! Is there any better positioning possible?

Here’s what all these advertisers have in common–their shtick works! It’s not how polished the message is, but whether the message resonates.

Don’t you want a smell good plumber?

3 thoughts on “SoCal Has A Smell Good Plumber”

  1. When I hear an ad from Bob’s Discount Furniture, I mute the Tv. That also applies to Progressive Insurance.

    Did you hear about Bob attempting to file suit against a guy in another state with a similar business name? This guy had been in business years before Bob’s Disc Furniture was created. This happened a long time ago.

    I like Bob’s of Milford ads. At first I tried to figure out what he meant with the saying “He just wants to get you a loan,” that is when I realized the word was loan, not lone.

  2. My husband worked for the guy from the Bob`s of Milford ad.My husband tells me his real name is Ron Capasso.I`m not sure of the spelling on the last name.I also believe the women in the ad is his wife.I think her name is Sandy.My husband worked with her too.

  3. Remember Bob Steele doing ads for Savitt Jewlers? The ONLY jewler with POMG; Peace Of Mind Guarantee.
    I miss Bob Steele. And Bill Savitt.

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