Trudi’s Birthday Party

The California Foxes flew this weekend to join the Wisconsin Opads for my sister’s 60th birthday party.

Sixty is a milestone birthday deserving a milestone party! We went to Shully’s in Thiensville for a “Chef’s Table.”

I’m sure I’m about to sound like I just fell off the turnip truck. I’d heard of a “Chef’s Table,” but never experienced one. Exactly what went on was a mystery as I walked into the restaurant.

If you’re in my boat, here’s a quick explanation. The “Chef’s Table” takes place in the kitchen. All the action of meal prep takes place around you. With each course comes a beverage–wine and beer in my sister’s case. It’s as much show as meal!

The party was limited to immediate family. Though my parents moved into Wisconsin the day before, this was just too much, too late and up too many stairs for them.

There was lots of laughter. There was lots of hugging. There was lots of eating and drinking.

I can’t imagine how it could have been more successful.

2 thoughts on “Trudi’s Birthday Party”

  1. Wonderful photo show!!! Congrats to Trudi! I’ve been 60 for nearly 7 months and it’s ok! It looked like a spectacular time– and the food photos!!!!! 😀

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I had the real deal. A chef friend of mine just parked me at a chopping station and stuffed me. Made me work, too! I didn’t eat for a day afterward.

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