Two Years With Doppler

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Doppler arrived with a mysterious past. She’d been abandoned–purposely trapped in a baseball dugout.

When animal control in Wallingford rescued her, she was a mess! Doppler’s hair was long and matted and infused with dirt and worse. Her nails had begun to turn in.

At the pound they gave her a shave and pedicure. Her rehab had begun

Who knows what name she originally answered to? The pound renamed her Charlotte.

A few days later Helaine and I showed up. She was renamed again.

It’s difficult to believe there’s a more gentle, more sweet, more adorable dog than Doppler. How anyone let her go is beyond comprehension.

We don’t know her real birthday or even how old Doppler is. We choose to celebrate it on November 18, because that’s when she rescued us.

Happy birthday dear Doppler. Happy birthday to you.

15 thoughts on “Two Years With Doppler”

  1. Happy Birthday Doppler! Enjoy your new home in CA! No more cold winters! Thanks for all the adorable pictures Geoff! Give Doppler a hug for us!

  2. I don’t think we find the animal. I think they find us. My dog (long gone, but, not forgotten) was definitely one of the kids. Glad to hear Doppler found you.

  3. I think animals appreciate it when they find a new loving home. I got a feral cat about 6 yrs ago. It was begging for food and had a polyp so large it couldn’t breathe. He has long fur. He was all matted on his back and the fur had to cut off. Now he is like Doppler, very pampered. It is a great feeling to save an animal’s life and give them a loving home.

  4. Happy Birthday, Doppler! Seems like she’s always been with you. Such a special pup.

    We adopted a very senior boy almost 2 years ago…we say he’s turning 2 on Dec 11. He appreciates that!

  5. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy… the entire Fox household, will celebrate 1 year with our “find” Buddy (drug bust house rescue), soon ….life is good!!!!

  6. I saw a little dog that looks like Doppler today. How could anyone give up such a little doll? Did Doppler get a special meal or toy as a birthday present?

  7. It’s the same with my two older cats. Both came from the streets and I celebrate the day I took them in. They’re both great cats with great personalities(and both sleeping with me here right now).
    Rescue animals make the best pets because they appreciate a good home. They know what life is like on the streets and it ain’t fun.
    My two YOUNGER cats were the kittens of a stray. They never lived in the street but their mom did. Hopefully she told them all about it.

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