Bob Dylan, Master Of Interactive Video. How Does It Feel?

Bob Dylan recorded “Like a Rolling Stone” in 1965. Rolling Stone Magazine said it was the “greatest song of all time.” And now, it’s back.

The song hasn’t changed, but it’s wrapped in an interactive video presentation where you can click and change channels (the buttons are on the left) while you watch!

This is very cool.

4 thoughts on “Bob Dylan, Master Of Interactive Video. How Does It Feel?”

  1. This IS very cool! Thanks for sharing it with us; I’m quite sure I would never have found it without your help. I’m going to listen again until I’ve clicked through all the channels.

  2. I’m going to send the URL to a few other people I know that are Bob Dylan fans.

    One of my projects this winter is going to be to transfer my old albums and 45’s on to an external hdd. Right now they are just collecting dust. Have you done anything similar Geoff?

  3. I just heard about this, this AM, on NBC and the fact that their chief tech director refused to allow them (NBC) Today show, be a part of this. I think that I could have gone to and clicked on to it, but just having had Cataract surgery, decided to hold off.
    As I said in your 11/20 posting, I have not been able to run your recent videos–probably due to the fact that I have a way–older version of Window’s.
    I enjoy all that you share with us–especially that involving your parents and family, and your new adventures in So. Calif.

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