Nighttime Takeoff From McCarran Las Vegas

Originally I wasn’t going to post the video attached to this page. It was a test of an image stabilization technique. As an afterthought I threw it on Facebook where the reaction was quick and surprisingly positive.

Here’s my view as we took off on Runway 1R at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Keep with the video for a cool view of The Strip, even through the multiple panes of plastic and glass.

3 thoughts on “Nighttime Takeoff From McCarran Las Vegas”

  1. That is neat, looking at all the lights when you took off from the airport. One time I remember flying into Las Vegas. On the approach to the runway, there was house engulfed in flames.

  2. Geoff,
    I have had a problem opening the last several video’s and wonder if it is because I have an older version of Window’s. I can view the slides, altho not individually -i.e as a slide show.
    I can’t get over the # of times you have been ‘in the air’ since you left CT.

  3. Awesome shot, Geoff… What was the stabilization that you use? I shoot some cockpit video and the biggest problem is trying to make look like we’re not flying through a typhoon. Never seems that bouncy when you’re flying… Honest, it’s not my technique… 😉

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