Here Comes The SoCal Rain


The radar image at the top of the screen was capture around 6:45 PM PST. The little green blobs represent rain.

It’s not raining here in Irvine yet, but it’s coming before the night is out.

SoCal’s location and topography shape so many things, including the terrible radar coverage we get! There are mountains and canyons scattered throughout the region. Radar, even NOAA’s NEXRAD radar can’t fight that adversity.

To really get good coverage you have to combine radars. Even then it’s iffy.

I watched some thunderstorms over the desert this summer. Two radars were within range and each painted the storm differently. This adjustment will take time.

I just took a look at the HRRR. Its high resolution, short time span, expertise hasn’t been in demand much since our late June arrival.

The latest run only covers through dawn tomorrow. Through that time the precip will get steadier.

The GFS continues the rain through Thursday with the chance for a few scattered afternoon thunderstorms. By the time we’re done over a half inch should fall. That’s substantial when you consider November as a whole averages just a little over an inch.

Today marks the beginning of our yearly turn toward the rainy season, aka: winter. For the next few days temperatures will stay in the low 60&#176s. That doesn’t sound terrible as winter goes.

Everyone says Californians can’t drive in the rain! It will be interesting to check the traffic tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Here Comes The SoCal Rain”

  1. Geoff, where is that star located on the map you posted here? It isn’t that California drivers can’t drive in the rain. Because it rains so seldom in So. CA, the streets are very slippery. There is a lot of oil, grease & etc that piled up over the months. When people attempt to stop their car, it is like stopping on an icy road.

  2. Sounds and looks to me like your weather is very boring. I’ll stay here in the Northeast and suffer, (enjoy) thru the seasons.

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