Sunset At Newport Beach

IMG_0260newport beach sunset


IMG_0239newport beach sunset

“Wanna come for a ride,” I asked Helaine? “I want to go to Newport Beach for the sunset.”

Since we’ve been in SoCal I’ve taken very few photos. It’s not that Orange County isn’t photogenic. It’s just photogenic in a different way than my old neighborhood in Hamden. There’s more effort involved to get to the right spot.

Newport Beach is around a half hour away. It is Greenwich with palm trees, right on the Pacific.

Our destination was “Inspiration Point,” which sounds like cheesy dialog from a 1960s beach movie. It’s a bluff just above Corona Del Mar State Beach with an ocean view that includes Santa Catalina Island, over 30 miles away.

There were 15-20 people milling about when we arrived. Sunset viewing is good sport here.

They must have known I wasn’t a native Californian. I wore a long sleeved shirt. They wore coats.

Tonight’s sunset was nothing special. There were few clouds to accentuate the color. I’ll have to come back.

(Click the photos for a larger view, including a tiny sliver of the Moon and Venus in the first image)

3 thoughts on “Sunset At Newport Beach”

  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the one with the red flowers in the foreground. Thanks for sharing with those of us dreading snow! 😀

  2. Geoff, when it snows in CT this winter, I’ll take some pictures of that white stuff and send them to you, so you won’t forget. I use to live in Laguna Beach years ago. When I was a kid, I would stay at friend’s house in Corona del Mar. It is a beautiful area. Where were these pictures taken in Newport Beach? Did you take the pictures or obtain them from National Geographic?

  3. Yeah–wasn’t that a picture waiting to be taken. The Crescent moon against a dark sky and Venus shining so bright. Venus in the western sky has been a spectacular sight over the past month. I’m looking to find out what the bright star off to the NE of the big dipper is. I haven’t yet read this month’s “star gazer” news letter that I get from the Torrington astronomy group. I know the gentlelman who writes the letter.
    Anyway, I was driving south on RT 8, coming up on Seymour, when I spotted the moon, about 5:45 PM. Sky was covered with clouds by the time I was coming home.
    Were you on an inlet, when you took the sunset pictures—just wondering, as the ocean was quiet. I am used to the bigger waves of Redondo Beach and up at Santa Monica. Too bad the coastline is so built up now—there used to be a lot of open area to just walk the beach(es)—Enjoy the quiet.

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