They’re The Anteaters. Really.

I am the food gatherer tonight. Stef is with us. We called an order to the Lazy Dog. Sandwiches and other delights. Roxie rode shotgun and waited in the car while I picked up the grub.
I wore a Yale sweatshirt. It kept me warm and made me look a lot smarter than I am.

On the way back I tuned around on the radio. There was a lo-fi sports broadcast at the end of the dial. UC Irvine was playing Pepperdine.

Yale has a bulldog. UCONN, a huskie husky. UC Irvine is the anteaters&#185!

I love that name!

A popular chant among UCI students during athletic events is “Zot, Zot, Zot!” Zot is the sound made by the tongue of the anteater in the comic strip B.C. as it flicks out to catch an ant. – Wikipedia

California has other unusual team nicknames. UC Santa Barbara’s team are the Gauchos. UC Santa Cruz, banana slugs.

I need something anteater to wear.

&#185 – Are the anteaters? I don’t know. And should the “A” be uppercase? Are they actually, The Anteaters? Quick, someone get me an English teacher.

4 thoughts on “They’re The Anteaters. Really.”

  1. UConn has a “husky.” They may have changed the color to resemble Northern Illinois’s “huskie,” but at least we still spell the singular form of the word correctly.

  2. As an alum of UC Santa Cruz I have to put say the Banana Slug is the best mascot ever! I am wearing my sweatshirt right now. Go Slugs!

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