I Miss A Lot. I Don’t Miss Winter.

Lesean McCoy in the snow

Before we moved Helaine and I talked about this day. We discussed sitting at home, seeing winter on TV. Boy did we see it today!

Detroit was playing the Eagles at in Philly. Light snow was forecast. Nearly all of it would begin after two.

In reality heavy snow fell and started hours early. The game started with the field covered and Fox cameras unable to see much detail on-the-field. Offically at PHL it was heavy snow, &#188 mile visibility and a temperature of 27&#176 (19&#176 wind chill).

Let’s pause while I tell the Philadelphia meteorologists, I feel your pain. I’ve been on the wrong end of a bad forecast. It’s a horrendous feeling.

At first I thought it was really cool to see football played in a near blizzard. Then I realized it had removed most skill from the game! Kicks didn’t roll. Passes didn’t carry. Runners couldn’t make cuts.

Detroit’s first touchdown was followed by a two point conversion. No way a kicker would try the point after.

There was some satisfaction sitting here in SoCal. I won’t lie. My apologies. I feel your pain too.

The weather here wasn’t perfect, or even good. We were in the mid-50&#176s all day with mainly cloudy skies.

WPC Probabilistic Winter Precipitation GuidanceWe’ll get to 70&#176 before this week is out with no precipitation in the forecast. That makes it easier to take.

Back in Hamden the next twenty four hours will be an unavoidable pain in-the-ass. Snow, sleet, freezing rain. I don’t miss that.

I miss lots about Connecticut. I don’t miss winter.

3 thoughts on “I Miss A Lot. I Don’t Miss Winter.”

  1. Geoff I think in some time you will miss the “winter season”. Maybe I am wrong.
    I was born, raised, lived and loved Connecticut. Moved to Alaska. 6 years of brutal winters. Boy did I miss Connecticut. Friends and family complained of the cold..and the snow, when it came. I don’t think they understood the hell I was living.
    Then we moved to Arizona. 3 years we have been here. I miss my 4 seasons back east. I even miss the guaranteed white Christmas in Alaska.
    At least my palm tree all lit up looks nice!
    Best wishes to your family. 🙂

  2. I was born & raised in So. CA. Some years ago, I moved to CT. I was like a kid the first time it snowed here. Had never lived where there was snow at my front door. I had my husband outside at 10pm, so we could throw snowballs at one another. The neighbors must have thought we were nuts. After a few months, I thought to myself, I must have been nuts, moving here, especially when I fell backward on the street and injured myself. I had no idea how to walk where there was ice below my feet. A doctor explained to me how to do it without falling. He was sitting next to me on a plane. I rarely go out during the winter months unless it is necessary. If I do go out, I refuse to drive when the roads are icy or it is snowing. You could say I turn into a bear from December to April. Only a few more years, I’ll be able to return to sunny CA.

  3. And just a few miles away from Hamden, in Milford, things are only wet – no ice. And I’m sure they got measurable snow in Litchfield County. Amazing that such a small state can have such variable weather!

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