I Did The Math. It’s Close.

quake map

There was a minor earthquake tonight. It was magnitude 3.8, between Villa Park, CA and Corona.

I did the math. That’s 9.6 miles away.

I didn’t feel a thing.


Weak earthquake. Five miles deep. I’m not sure they felt it at the epicenter.

Stef has been here four years. She’s yet to feel her first as well.

I felt a minor earthquake in Riverside the summer I graduated high school. I was out west for the first time. Traveling alone for the first time.

That Riverside quake has me covered for a lifetime. I remember watching dishes on a shelf begin to shake and being petrified. My California friends acted as if nothing happened.

It too was a little quake.

12 thoughts on “I Did The Math. It’s Close.”

  1. Do you remember an earthquake on the east coast down around Washington DC, people got all upset when the ground shock for a few seconds? I thought to myself, no big deal.

    I think the last big earthquake in So. CA was the Northridge one in the San Fernando Valley. It exceeded 7.0 was in January 1994. You never know when they will occur. They are always concerned about the Inglewood-Newport fault line. It is mainly sandy soil in that area. The land isn’t very stable under homes.

    Also have you been watching the fire in Pacific Palisades on the news? Because CA is so dry, I think you are going to see a lot more fires in the upcoming months, especially in the mountains.

  2. I was just watching NBC Nightly News on Xfinity that aired last night. They said the earthquake you felt was 4.5 and was located in Fontana, which is in San Bernardino Co, close to the Ontario Airport.

  3. yes Northridge was 20 years ago tomorrow, if not mistaken the weather in CT that day was very snowy and icy and then a big freeze a day or so later.

  4. The only earthquake I’ve ever been in was in … London!! The teacups in my hotel room started clinking together, and I went to the door thinking somebody was knocking, but nobody was there. I had BBC News on, and a couple minutes later they started wall-to-wall coverage of the quake. I believe it measured 3.2.

    1. Meredith, most of the time I never even feel an earthquake that is small. Sometimes you don’t know if it is big truck going down the street or something else. Over the years, I’ve experienced 100’s of earthquakes.

  5. You may not have felt it, but look at the pictures on the wall… Doppler will tell you… There’s a fault along the I-15 around Fallbrook – Temecula south.. usually in the 2-4 richter range… Also over in the Octillo Wells are along I-8 Imperial Valley…

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