A Decent First Try

A little while ago I attempted some motion triggered photos of my friendly neighborhood hummingbirds. Here’s the first small set. There are improvements to be made, but I’m happy so far.

Now, to recharge the batteries for the next try, tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “A Decent First Try”

  1. These are so cool ! I think they are great for the first photos! Hummingbirds are a very difficult bird to photograph due to size and speed so this is a treat! Thanks Souvh for sharing this!

  2. Geoff,
    Those are great, for a first attempt. Something puzzles me though–Is the camera shooting through the window, or is it set up outside? Also, the screen seems to be behind the feeder—are those screens on other windows?? I can’t imagine you getting ‘better’ pictures, than those you already have, today–unless you are hoping for a group shot.

      1. Thank you for the answer.
        Looks like you folks are in for a long haul,with the water situation. We won’t be getting those delicious Calif strawberries, this year, and I would guess, for a while.

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