The Hummingbirds Come Into Sharper Focus

Photographing hummingbirds has gone from experiment to obsession. That didn’t take long!

Yesterday I set up my camera with Magic Lantern firmware and shot away. Today I made more modifications. The lens is longer, bringing me closer (though these are still cropped images). The light is a little better.

My shutter speed still isn’t fast enough! 1/1000 second doesn’t freeze the hummingbird’s wings.

If I speed up the shutter and leave the aperture where it is I’m going to start adding too much noise. Where’s the balance? Still to be determined.

Here are the best four of 136.





11 thoughts on “The Hummingbirds Come Into Sharper Focus”

  1. The most beautiful Hummingbird. My mother use to have a feeder near the front door, we kept watching them, they would come all day.Here in Ct, I don’t remember when I should put the feeder up, I believe it’s early or late April, anyway, it made me so happy to see these beautiful pictures. Thank-you.

  2. Geoff, these hummingbird photos are fantastic! Your tech toys really produce some cool stuff! The birds are impossible for me to capture. Thanks for sharing! We never tire of things you post that we can’t! Love the clouds too!

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