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Stef has come for the weekend. She and Helaine are out now. It’s Doppler, Roxie and me. They’re on the sofa. I’m in my office.

It sounds so presumptuous, my office. I’m sure Ward Cleaver had a study or library. Office isn’t that bad, but it’s close.

By office I mean a room that’s mine. My playroom. My den. My man cave. My office.

When we bought this house I had plans. This room is pretty close to what I was pondering.

There are a few small changes to come. Parts are on order. A little rewiring. Some cable lengths extended. Everything nicely wrapped behind the monitors.

Amazon is my dysfunctional shopping enabler. Click a button. Boom. It was once a hassle to get this stuff. Maybe it’s become too easy to buy!

Helaine helped me pick out the furniture. I sit at a large “L” shaped desk. There is also a bookcase, cabinet and chair to lean back on.

My room is full of screens: TV, computer monitors, tablet, cellphone, plus tinnier alphanumeric readouts on devices. Sensory overload comes with the territory.

This is the most comfortable room I’ve ever had. It’s as if it was fitted for me, like a suit.

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  1. Why should it sound presumptuous to have an office? You’re empty nesters. My husband has an office and I have a t.v. room of my own. It works well for us. He has a place for HIS stuff and I have a place for MINE. As much as we like our together time, we also like our own space.

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