Local Strawberries Come Home

strawberry field irvine aerial


Irvine produces a lot of strawberries! It’s likely the farmland will become housing at some point. Not yet.

Meanwhile, the satellite image (thanks Google) at the top of this post shows one of many strawberry fields in my part of town.

If there’s a crop that lends itself to the anal retentive it’s strawberries! The fields are geometric works of art. The plastic wrapped raised beds run straight as an arrow. My office isn’t as neat.

Helaine stopped for some at a local farm stand. They are exquisite. We’re told they’ll be available through the summer.

Is this a fair trade for pizza? No, it is not.

You take what you can get.

4 thoughts on “Local Strawberries Come Home”

  1. If that is a basket of the strawberries you are talking about, holy smoke!! They are beautiful. No it’s not a fair trade for good pizza but maybe you can get a strawberry dessert pizza…LOL

  2. Garden Grove was nothing but strawberry fields until the farms were sold and track built home were constructed. That is good that Irvine is taking up the slack and growing strawberries again. What would you prefer a strawberry or Peppi’s Pizza?

    What really tastes good that is grown in CA and that is Royal apricots. I’m getting hungry now.

  3. I’m always full of questions–(sorry), but considering your recent draught–where does the water come from to irrigate these beds??? I understand underground wells, but one would expect them to be pretty dry—at least up til last weekend’s rains.
    That basket of berries looks delicious–I hope they were as juicy and sweet as they were red. We are getting strawberries in, and have been for the past 2-3 weeks. They are red and fairly sweet, but not fully ripe! What scares me, though, is even though they are Driscoll’s–they are out of Mexico–who knows what they use for crop sprays. It used to be that we got the early fruit first from CA then FL. Does Calif. still have a law on the books that states all packaged foods sold in the state have to have been grown in the state?. This was a regulation back in the mid ’90’s–when I had an in law living up in the bay area. Another delicious So Cal fruit is their Dates. We used to drive out to Palm Desert and have them shipped back east.

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