Hockey At Staples With Stef


For those just joining us… Stef and I were having a conversation Sunday evening which turned to hockey. A few minutes later I said, “Let’s go see the Kings.” We did tonight.

download_20140402_191815When I first checked StubHub Sunday night there were over 1,000 seats for sale. No need to rush. I made my move yesterday.

We got two in Section 113, eight rows off the ice. Parking passes too.

An appointment for me in Torrance first, then to the Staples Center. Finding the venue wasn’t a problem. Finding Garage C was. It took two passes.

Stef arrived around six. We had dinner at a fast food pizza place across the street, then headed inside.

Staples Center is nice, but in a plain way. We walked toward our section and a photo booth sponsored by StubHub. They made our free souvenir ticket.

IMG_20140402_205627-w1400-h1400As we finished a staff member asked where we got our tickets? When I told him, he handed me a scratch card. Thanks for the $4.50 pretzel&#185 StubHub!

Our seats were great, down low at the faceoff circle near the goal the Kings shot at twice. But like all sporting events today, there’s a lot more going on than hockey!

IMG_20140402_212647-w1400-h1400Male and female co-hosts appear on the jumbo screen through the evening creating a little extra excitement. Cameras roam the crowd to find dancers and kissers. A blimp flew overhead. And, of course, bare midriff Ice Girls on skates and wielding shovels removed ice chips during TV commercial breaks. Show biz!

There was an organist and loud rock music. The right mix.

As luck would have it, Howard Lapides was there. IMG_20140402_202815-w1400-h1400Howard and I went to college together. We lived in Buffalo at the same time. He was my best man. He sat a few sections over, so we visited between periods.

Howard is still taller than me. I was one row back.

The Kings were dynamite! They won 4-0 with Hamden’s Jonathon Quick in goal. I don’t know him, but it’s cool someone from my town is a superstar. We have a lot of people in common.

IMG_20140402_204230-w1400-h1400The Kings dominated the Coyotes and in doing so clinched a playoff berth.

Stef and I walked to the cars and headed in opposite directions. It was an easy 45 minute ride home.

Very nice. On nights like this, it’s good to be a dad.

&#185 – A $4.50 pretzel differs from a $1 pretzel in a very important way. Price. And it comes in a wrapper.

4 thoughts on “Hockey At Staples With Stef”

  1. The souvenir photo ticket is a great idea and promotional vehicle. A better memento than an e-ticket. Sounds like you had a great time. Still boggled by the concept of hockey in SoCal or any other warm weather clime.

  2. How did you learn that Mr Lapides was there??? Do you have his number on speed dial??
    Too bad you couldn’t get to meet Jonathan, too.

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