Bad Weather In The East


Bad weather in the east is often felt nationwide when you’re flying.  We’re at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.  The monitors are showing lots of delays.  Stef’s flight to LAX and ours to SNA are included.

John Wayne Airport is a special case.  At 11:00 PM the runway turns into a pumpkin (10:00 PM for departures). It is a hard and fast rule for noise abatement.  The well-to-do folks under the glide slope have no sense of humor.

We should be OK, unless our departure time slips again.

Hopefully we’ve seen the last of winter for this year.  Hopefully.

One thought on “Bad Weather In The East”

  1. Geoff, I can feel for your parents – the upper Midwest is a tough climate to live in. I saw that there was snow (though light) in Milwaukee on Sunday with lows in the middle 20’s F – in APRIL!!. That’s tough on the young and middle age – let alone older folks.

    Checking the NWS page for Milwaukee, it looks like they are really having a lousy spring – since March 1st until today(April 15th) they have had 6.6 inches of snow and 23 nights below 20 F !!!. Milwaukee even had lows below zero in March (it fell to -1 on March 3rd!!). That’s mighty cold even for people who don’t live in Florida or southern CA. Even compared to us in the Tri-State (NYC/NJ/CT) area that’s a cold March/April: By contrast NWS Central Park (NYC) and Bridgeport, Connecticut had a measly 0.1 and 0.7 inches of snow, and only 4 and 7 nights below 20 F.

    As it is I must flee to tropical Florida because I can’t take winters in the NYC area….I can’t imagine what tough upper Midwest winter would do to me.

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