Melissa’s Baby Shower

I like photography. My niece, Melissa, asked me to photograph her baby shower. I was thrilled. It’s no small honor.

I’m not a lighting guy. I own very little lighting gear. All I brought was a strobe. On top was a piece of Ikea plastic shelf liner. It scatters light everywhere and removes shadows. Cheap trick.

Using a single light has its limits. You can’t have deep backgrounds. They’ll just fade to nothingness. That’s a concern.

I brought three lenses, used two. This is packing light.

On its own, a camera/strobe combo like this won’t give you good shots without a little tinkering. I’m constantly spinning dials and resetting parameters. Lots of different looks without moving!

I shoot for emotion–a memorable moment. Not every shot succeeds. I’d like to think the people in my photos enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Melissa’s Baby Shower”

  1. Great job, Geoff. I would say that you met the criteria–and caught the excitement of the day. Maybe you should look into photography as another line of work—weddings, showers, and other events.
    Glad to see you eventually made it back to Irvine. We are getting the schmuck that the northern tier got yesterday—snow,sleet and wind. The furnace just popped on, for the first time in a week. Never put winter clothes away, til the end of May–that’s my philosophy! The daffodils,tulips and crocus(i) are in bloom–hope they survive this blast of cold.
    –And here I thought I would put the hummingbird feeders out this week—guess I’d best hold that thought for a bit. I will see how much ice is on the bird bath, in the AM.

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