Back To Milwaukee Again


We’re at Gate 16, John Wayne Airport.  Back to Milwaukee for a few days.  My nephew Matt is getting married.

We’re like commuters on this run.  Same flights up and back as last time.  We change planes in Denver.

When Helaine rousted me from my three hours of sleep I asked, “Why am I getting up?”  I seriously didn’t remember.  Left to my own devices I would have snored through missing the flight.

We’re TSA Pre again.  No shoe removal.  No bag expunging.  It’s like being in a pre-2001 world, if only for a few minutes.

There’s been one change since our last trip to the airport.  A big sign behind our seats says “POWER OUTLETS HERE.”  I’m plugged in.

2 thoughts on “Back To Milwaukee Again”

  1. The only positive thing is that traveling in the warm half of the year means little weather issues in the Upper Midwest: In the coming days the weather in the Milwaukee area should feature partly sunny skies and temps into the 70’s F.

    Back home on the East Coast weather scene – we ended May a bit above normal at most Tri-State area stations, NYC, Bridgeport, Newark, Atlantic City, ect, all will end May about 2 F above normal. So far Central Park and Bridgeport, CT have not hit 90 F. Strangely, NWS Bridgeport has seen a higher peak temp (87 F) than Central Park (86 F) this May. The next several days look pretty typical for late May/early June in NYC/Connecticut…sunny and highs from 75 to 80 F.

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