Getting Out Of Town Early


Don’t ask me what flight we’re on.  We’re just on and early and, again, appreciative that Southwest is flexible!

We came to Milwaukee for Matt and Brooke’s wedding.  Mission accomplished.  More on the wedding when I pull my shots from the camera.

We had breakfast with my sister, brother-in-law and most of the wedding party.  Then what?

Our flight was scheduled for 6:05pm.  We arrived at the airport around 2:00. 

“Is it possible to leave earlier,” I asked?

Bingo, zingo.  A few keystrokes and we were re-routed.

Total additional cost, zero!  If you fly other airlines you know how unusual this is.

Strangely, the plane we’ll meet in Phoenix passes through Milwaukee (and MSP) before heading to John Wayne Airport in Orange County. I have no complaints about not flying direct.

Our new arrival is 90 minutes earlier than the original schedule.  Sweet.

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