They’re Grrrrreat


We stayed overnight on our quick trip to Lincoln, CA. The hotel had a free breakfast(ette) with what passes for bagels in Lincoln, do-it-yourself waffles, muffins and the like.

On one table was a series of vertical tubes. This is how cows are fed. Each was filled with dry cereal.

One was marked “Frosted Flakes.” They’re changed their name, but I recognized them. When I ate them they were “Sugar Frosted Flakes.” They shed their questionable word just as the Newark Star-Ledger and Bridgeport Post shed theirs.

I held my hand underneath and turned the knob. I used to eat them bathed in whole milk. Today, dry.

Crunchy. That part is still there. Beyond that they tasted like sugar glazed sugar. There’s nothing I currently eat vaguely close to that sweet.

When I ate Sugar Frosted Flakes as part of an unbalanced diet I weighed forty pounds less than today. Where have I gone wrong?

3 thoughts on “They’re Grrrrreat”

  1. I always thought ‘sugar frosted flakes’ was kind of redundant. After all what ELSE could they be frosted with? Baking soda? If they weren’t frosted with sugar they’d be called ‘_______frosted flakes’. Insert proper word as needed.

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