Tough Crowd: Forecasting In North Korea


Blown forecasts are the bane of a meteorologist’s existence. Painful! I’d bow my head in shame and speak in a softer than normal shout after a miss.

I’ve apologized for blown forecasts more than once. Everyone knew.

Some of you have personally made sure I understood your anger. Not easy to deal with.

However, I’ve never had Kim Jong-un as my boss&#185. In North Korea he’s the last word in everything.

Quoting the BBC:

Kim Jong-un says there have been “many incorrect forecasts” because the Hydro-meteorological Service’s methods aren’t “modern or scientific”, state newspaper Rodong Sinmun reports.

Ooh. Bad employee review.

The North Korean leader says weather service staff must “fundamentally improve their work”, because good forecasts are needed to “protect the lives and properties of the people from disasters caused by abnormal climatic phenomenon”

Must I explain how downsizing works in North Korea?

After a bad forecast I’d try not to go out in public too much. Seriously. No one wants to subject themselves to that!

But North Korea. Tough crowd.

&#185 – The lovely and talented Ann Nyberg often called his late father, Kim Jung-“Mentally”-Il.

2 thoughts on “Tough Crowd: Forecasting In North Korea”

  1. What really shocks me is given the horrible conditions of North Koreans that there hasn’t been a take over of that government by its people. How can people allow themselves to be controlled like that? It seems to go over the boundaries of humanity & reak of the most evil living conditions of all times.

    1. Simple, they are brainwashed from birth to NOT dissent. Anyone who dares think of dissenting is sent to a forced labor camp in a remote corner for an extended period of time or killed outright (if he didn’t learn his lesson in the labor camp). When Kim’s dad died, people were arrested for not crying hard enough. Everything in these peoples lives is overseen and reviewed by the State.Those who don’t conform are dealt with harshly. There is no room or opportunity for anyone to talk about much less plan overthrowing the government. If such a coup does occur, it’ll come from within the hierarchy of government itself. Not from the oppressed people in the streets.

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