Saying Free Doesn’t Mean Easy

free after effects templates   Google SearchI’m a resourceful when it comes to finding free stuff online. I was excited finding lots of free templates for Adobe’s After Effects.

After Effects is to video as Photoshop is to stills. Very powerful. Steep learning curve. I figured templates would be shortcuts to understanding… and they are.

Meanwhile, saying something is free then doing everything humanely possible to get you to pay is standard operating procedure.

There are forms to fill out. Often the first form leads to a hidden second one looking for your credit card number. We won’t bill you until…

Uh huh. Right. They’re already got your name and email address. When I sense this I am temporarily

Some companies demand I post on Facebook or tweet my approval of something I can only get by saying I already like it!

The actual download links lead to a painfully s-l-o-w datastrean following a series of frustrating timed interruptions.

There is also a zippy pay way to get the free file. Of course there is.

I’m not a gamer, but this is like in app purchases, right? You’re suckered to a certain point, then presented with a paid method of easing your pain.

In all cases I waited them out. Stubborn? Cheap? Resourceful? I am all three.

One thought on “Saying Free Doesn’t Mean Easy”

  1. A great resource for learning AE is

    I’ve been using AE for about 15 years and still learn from there quite often. Forums are good and there are tutorials as well.

    Good luck, AE is especially fun once you start taking advantage of scripting and expressions.

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