I Hate This Part


I am set up for my least favorite job, logging. I’ve done everything possible to put this off… even this blog entry.

“You’re like Steffie in high school,” Helaine remarked as I walked by her for the fiftieth time.

Oh, Stef. If you’ve inherited this from me, I apologize.

After interviews are complete and before a story is written you log the potentially useful soundbites and take notes on story content. A minute of interview can take five times that long. You’re transcribing by hand. Some folks have tried kludges with YouTube making an automated transcript. The results underwhelm.

In order to keep ‘focus’ in my video player (allowing me to use a ShuttleXpress for video jogging) I’ve brought a laptop upstairs for my notes. Two computers, no waiting.

After this comes writing and editing. I enjoy those stages. Not this one.

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