OMG — It Rained!




We just got our first sprinkle since April 26. That’s 79 days since it last rained! These photos are my documentary proof because it’s likely we’re not getting the minimum to be counted–a hundredth of an inch!

The cause for this teenie spritz is the monsoonal flow which appears this time every year. A monsoon is a wind which changes direction with season affecting day-to-day weather. This is the time-of-year when Phoenix, Las Vegas and other southwestern desert cities briefly get humid and unbearable.

As I type Vegas has 96&#176 with a dew point of 64&#176. That is NOT a dry desert reading!

Some areas, like the Indian subcontinent, have more marked monsoon seasons. America’s is more gentle and short lived.

The main thrust of the monsoonal flow typically stays well east of us in SoCal, but today we’re living on the edge… so to speak. It’s likely we won’t have much more rain than this until winter returns.

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