Say Goodbye to Number 29

I had a tooth removed Monday morning. No saving this one. It came out in two pieces. Three stitches followed.

Number 29 was a second premolar, lower right and toward the back. It was heavily involved in chewing before its untimely demise.

Before she did her work, the periodontist injected some ‘caine’ into the nearby gum. That allowed her to do things no human would willingly tolerate. Once the shots wear off you feel the full effect!

Pain pills made me ditzy. They didn’t help my pain, which was continuous and intense.

Advil was the answer. Finally starting to feel better.

This is a three procedure event. One down, two to go.

7 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Number 29”

  1. Yeah, you can say it was Pain pills that made you ditzy… but we’ve known you too long to believe that… lol 🙂

  2. I don’t know why I remember this, but weren’t you in the dentist chair when the hamden tornado hit 25 years ago?

  3. So sorry Geoff I’ve had a few pulled myself not fun but I will say the oral surgeon was great and after I honestly didn’t need any pain meds it was painful before it was out after ahhhh ! They the 3 were all molars left side two top one bottom all after having root canals done frankly I could have bought a new car with what it cost. Now I’d just go straight to the “pull” since its cheaper and way less painful.
    Feel better know this too shall pass!

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