It Makes Me Smile Every Time


Stef has a few days off. She came to visit.

While she and Helaine were shopping this afternoon I held down the fort with Roxie and Doppler.

Make no mistake, they are not bosom buddies, but they’ve learned to tolerate–especially Doppler. All she asks is not to be backed into a corner. She’s ok if I pet both at once, or to sleep in bed with Roxie as long as I’m in the middle as the buffer.

They’ve both caught on to my treat policy. If one gets, they both get! So, if I take Doppler out, as soon as I open the cabinet Roxie runs downstairs to get in on the action.

It makes me smile every time.

One thought on “It Makes Me Smile Every Time”

  1. Geoff, the treat policy works well. My fuzzy nieces (my sister-in-law’s dogs) have the same type of policy. Mocha will bring in something from outside. The only way she’ll drop it is to get a treat. LaRhonda knows this and will come up and stand next to her. I started calling her the ‘agent’ as she gets a smaller cookie – 10% as she’s a smaller dog than Mocha. (Actually, closer to 25%, but what the heck.) Love my fuzzy nieces to death, and they know I know the routine when I’m visiting.

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