Time Lapse Of Some Very Cool Clouds

A few atmospheric features you don’t usually see showed up. Very cool.

tl:dr Watch the second or third video first.

Sequence 02.Still001

The plan was to post a time lapse video of our Irvine sky today. Disappointment. The movie was blah.

I looked more closely.

A few atmospheric features you don’t usually see showed up. Very cool.

In these movies you’re looking northeast. There’s a ridge line, then mountains around 12 miles away. When the direction and altitude are right, mountains cause turbulence, The smooth flow of the atmosphere is disturbed. Standing waves form.

The next thing you know you get lenticular clouds. They are lens shaped and virtually stationary. Without time lapse you might not realize they’re there.

Below you’ll find the full sky time lapse and two ‘zoom ins’ where you can concentrate on just the clouds. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Time Lapse Of Some Very Cool Clouds”

  1. Real neat, Geoff.
    What was the interval between the frames, and the actual total duration of filming?. Thirdly, were the trees really being blown, or is that just the effect of time lapse photography.
    It would seem to me that “Mr Science” could find some type of work that pays, with all the neat items you post.
    It has been rather dry here the past week or so—intermittent hit or miss pop up showers only—not a good soaking rain like we desparately need. The grass is showig signs of going brown–just like a Calif summer. (Used to be brown in the summer/green in the winter). Only the rich folk had sprinklers! But, time has changed a lot out here too.

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