It’s Tough Being A Leftie

We have a day? Left handers have a day? What did we do to deserve this honor, because the rest of being a lefty sucks.


We have a day? Left handers have a day? What did we do to deserve this honor, because the rest of being a lefty sucks.

We live in a right handed world. School desks are made for righties. So are loose leaf notebooks. Do you know what it’s like to have to write over the ring?

Smartphones have their few mechanical components placed where you can get at them easily… we cannot.

My grandfather attempted unsuccessfully to convert my mom from left to right. He knew!

As a kid I was told left handed batters had a shorter run to first base. As far as I know that’s the only advantage of being a leftie and I think it might be BS as well.

We don’t want a day. We will accept cash for pain and suffering.

11 thoughts on “It’s Tough Being A Leftie”

  1. As a fellow lefty, Geoff, I feel your pain. Also have to frequently wash the ink off of the side of my hand from the pinky to halfway down the side of the hand.

    Lefties of the world unite!

  2. I’m also an inky pinky lefty. Check out the blades on your knives. For the most part, they’re all right-handed. I finally found two ambi Victorinox knives. Now I know how great it is to slice with a decent knife for a lefty. All these years, and I never thought of knives being right-handed.

  3. Well Geoff, I just knew we had something in common! And now I know what it is……….we are both “lefties”!!!!! I had forgotten about how difficult it was to write in a 3 ring binder. Age does dim some memories. But, let us not forget: we do have better use of our brains since we work off of both sides (? Is that really true?).

    Well, let me just say, happy Lefties Day compadre!

  4. When I started first grade, the teacher told my parents, “There’s no room in the Philadelphia school system for a left-handed student.”

    My dad replied, “Well congratulations! You’re going to make room!”

    She tormented me all year, but she didn’t make me use my right hand.

    (My brother was left-handed. My mother’s mother was left-handed. At least one of my maternal cousins is left-handed. My ex-husband was mostly left-handed though he wrote right-handed. My daughter– right-handed!)

  5. Worked for a manufacturing engineer once. He set up a new factory in Mexico that made tape recorder heads. They videotaped their best operator, since she was very productive and efficient, then showed the tape to all the rest of the assembly line operators, and told them to do the work the EXACT same way.

    Six months later, they were still having trouble getting production rates up to speed. My boss went in there to see what was going wrong, and he watched them work for a while. After a few minutes, he suddenly realized what was going on, and reported to the factory boss what he had found, delivering the report while my boss was giggling with suppressed laughter.

    It turned out that the super-efficient worker was LEFT-handed, and the rest of the gang was right-handed. Since they were told in no uncertain terms that they would do it exactly as shown on the tape they saw, they were all struggling to comply. They very quickly remade the tape with a right-handed operator…

    Makes me very glad that I’m somewhat ambidextrous…

    1. Back when I worked at the mill, for a time I was working in what they called “R&D” – which was essentially finding better ways of doing things, making assembly jigs – that sort of thing.

      My boss spent several days and a considerable amount of money building a workbench for performing several operations on one particular part. As soon as he finished, he proudly called me over to try it out. It took me about 30 seconds to realize that he had build the entire thing backwards (he was a lefty.) Oh well.

  6. Just thought I’d mention that Colleges now have both Right and Left handed desks—at least UCONN-Waterbury does.
    Don’t have the problem myself, but had one sister who was basically ambidexterous, the other is Left handed—have no idea who it might have been passed down from! Never thought about the ringed binders–no wonder most folks just use pads now (paper pads)—although many probably use only computers now, too.

  7. I was all lefty…scissors were the worst! But over the years have adapted and am mostly ambi…and fascinate my friends!

  8. As another proud lefty, I’ve always been comforted with the notion that:

    If the opposite side of one’s brain controls one’s dominant side, then left handed people are the only ones in their….right mind!

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