Problem Solving Day. I’m Only One For Three!

Marquis, an Anthem CSR, told me there was a problem with the way my account was set up. He called back and left a number from which he cannot be reached. The recorded voice answered as Blue Cross of Georgia. Well played.

fridgeWe’ve got three accounts that have become pains-in-the-ass (Pain-in-the-asses? I never know). For two the problem stems from our wanting to pay! The other has to do with a refrigerator warranty and a receipt.

I have a moment to write while I await Anthem Blue Cross’s reply to my tweet. That’s what it’s come to. I’m tweeting for insurance help. There must be something in HIPPA that makes me a law breaker by now.

I have been attempting to get an autopay account set up for my insurance plan. The form asks for an account number. There is none on my card. There is none on my bill. The numbers on the card that aren’t called account number don’t work either!

Marquis, an Anthem CSR, told me there was a problem with the way my account was set up. He called back and left a number. The recorded voice answered as Blue Cross of Georgia. None of the options lead to him or his department. Well played.

I tweeted for help and was pointed to So far no response. Not even an automated ‘thumb sucker’ note acknowledging my message.

The second call went to my county’s tax collector. I spent thirteen minutes listening to mind numbing music and being reminded my call is very important. Important alone wasn’t enough to truly convey their feelings.

A tax bill I never received has gone past due. Life was so much easier where I could call and say, “Look… see how we’ve never missed a payment in 23 years?”

Now it’s paid plus a penalty. Great.

Finally there’s our refrigerator, a lovely LG. It’s started making noise and the freezer isn’t staying defrosted as it should. We’ve had it 13 months.

LG has agreed to extend the warranty (I sense this is a systemic problem they know about) with proof-of-purchase. In the tumult of moving we lost the receipt from Lowes.

After a dreadful time getting nowhere with the local store, I finally spoke to someone at the home office. The next morning received a receipt (with prices, but no specific items listed) via email.

I have enclosed copies of your purchase records as requested. It is sufficient for warranty and tax purposes.

When I presented it to Rick from LG he typed,

If I submit your case with this document this will be reject by upper management.

More emails will be sent. More calls to come. Why is it so difficult to make things right?

I’m one for three and that’s the one I paid with a penalty!

7 thoughts on “Problem Solving Day. I’m Only One For Three!”

  1. Sounds like a day from hell!
    I always tape a copy of my receipt to the back of new appliances. Not only good for cases such as yours, but also very helpful when the husband is trying to say that the 12 year old microwave is only 3 or 4 years old!!! 🙂

  2. I am in the midst of one of these issues too. I co-signed for a family member with not so good credit, and we obtained the loan perfectly. I was assured that all the payment info would go to said family member, as the car is in his name, as is their car insurance etc. Guess what–I got the monthly payment billing. Called the loan agency, and paperwork will “be mailed” to reverse the names to the correct person—(payment due in 16 days)—I wouldn’t be ticked off, but I envisioned this when we were at the dealership and they assured me it would go as they stated—we’ll see!

  3. I hate days like that. For the record? It’s Pains-in-the-ass. You don’t have multiple backsides, you have multiple pains in the one backside. 🙂

  4. Be glad you were only on for 13 minutes. After my mother died I had to call the IRS for something and I was on HOLD for a whopping 75 minutes. 55 waiting for a human to pick up and another 20 to be transferred to the person I needed to talk to. During that entire time they played TWO pieces of music…one was from the Nutcracker Suite.

  5. I’ve long placed receipts for things like car batteries into ziplock bags and duct taped them to the battery, etc.
    As of late I’ve taken to scanning various receipts and storing those images on my dropbox as well sometimes as my droid.
    Just a thought.

  6. Geoff, Remember Mike Bogislowski “he was in YOUR corner” throughout CT? Now just about every major TV Station in Ct has Troubleshooters, etc,etc. Can’t you find one of those types,who will find your problem newsworthy for the masses and get them on it?
    You know they love to tout their results!!!!

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