Tropical Weather On This Coast? Uh Oh!


When we moved to California I thought I’d left tropical weather systems behind. Maybe not!

A hurricane off the Mexican coast is heading this way. One model brings it (greatly diminished) to the SD/OC/LA coast sometime early next week.

These computer models aren’t particularly trustworthy far in advance, but you can’t disregard them totally.

Here’s what I know about Norbert late Wednesday evening.

5 thoughts on “Tropical Weather On This Coast? Uh Oh!”

  1. Good to see you again geoff. It’s me Dave the snow man. Just to let you know, the farmers almanac say’s cold and snowy this year here in Ct. Can’t wait. I need to dust off my Head dress and ju ju beads for my snow storm dances. Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Dave the snowman…

    I’ll be doing the opposite dance – I hope for another mild winter in the Tri-State area like 2012. That year I used my push-broom like 3 times and that was it. Even though I’m often between South Carolina and Miami in the winter for a month or more, I still hate winter. I wish we could go from early December right to late March!

  3. Awwww, C’mon jack. Snow is just a whiter, wetter, colder version of sand, you can make castles out of it, snowmen, and the like. Winter when I go out in it, is building potential for the sleeping nature around us. Come spring all the snow melts and kicks off the growing season for the spring. Tress has that spring flush that helps them out. But I know what you are saying though, I also get tired of shoveling, and the accidents that happens. I love the four seasons here in the northeast.

  4. I guess it is all perspective, though I do see your point about the snow and sand.

    To me, I don’t really get the vibe of the “sleeping nature ” thing; Maybe if I lived way up north in Maine or North Dakota where everything is frozen below zero for 3 months and there is not a single green leaf or animal stirring, then I might think winter has some benefit.

    However, in the NY/NJ/CT area, esp near the coastal areas, nature is never really sleeping or dormant: We still have some green trees and shurbs here and there (like my 30 foot southern Magnolia!), and there are many birds and animals still out and about near the coast. The sloppy wet snow never lasts more than a few days anyway, and it always seems that the weather “wants” to warm. East Coast snow below Boston is never that fine fluffy powder they get in the MTs or out West.

    As far as the ” 4 season” thing, I think it’s more hype and hope than true: I’ve been all over the USA, and save for the far northern areas (ND, MN, ME…etc) and maybe some high Mts, the rest of the USA has only two seasons – a cool to cold one from November through March….and a warm to hot one from April through October. Look at this September so far in the CT/NYC area, the fall people are pushing so hard trying to wear their New England Northface stuff (lol) because September is “fall”, yet temps and dew points are like the Bahamas – lol. I saw people wearing long sleeve sweaters on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City this past weekend and it was 92 F! People might try to mentally break up the year into 4 equal seasons, but the reality of the climate of the USA is that it is untrue.

  5. LOL, true jack,
    the winters have been (Except for a few seasons) has trended warmer. And this September has been warm so far. Fall gets here when it gets here. I didn’t know that a Magnolia was evergreen though. (Learned something knew.) And you hit apon something there about the more northern states. I spent about two months in Maine a few years back in Dec. It was beautiful up there and I guess that impression carried with me. It’s something different to be a part of, during the year and knowing things will change soon. I also like thunderstorms and rain at times.

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