From My Messy Room Upstairs


Five o’clock. I’m upstairs in my office. It is a borderline out-of-control mess!

My desk is the perfect example of junk expanding to fill all available space. I’ve got tools, lens caps, at least one can of air, an empty coffee cup plus a plum.

You organized people are snickering at me, aren’t you? You’re wondering how Helaine, herself organized, puts up with it. Let’s just say the threshold in this one room is very high.

I love this room. This is my man cave. It was designed to be functional in a way I could take advantage of. It is designed to be a multimedia production facility where video, audio and stills are edited into presentations.

I designed the computer, anguished over the speakers (and the shock absorbing pads they sit on) and took my wife’s advice, getting the larger desk. Good call, H.

My office has four windows, open as much as possible. The afternoon sun heats the room pretty quickly so the blinds are louvered to let in air, not sunshine.

If there was a simple way to sound deaden the room I would. It would make v/o tracking a little nicer. It doesn’t need to be soundproof, just less wall bounce.

If I had it to do over again, I’d probably leave it alone.

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