A Different Kind Of Time Lapse

“Don’t you get bored,” Stef asked after seeing my latest time lapse. In a way she’s right. Just clouds passing by.

On the other hand you can actually watch and see physics in action! Everything happening is happening for a well defined reason.

Tonight is the full moon and we’re close to perigee. That makes the Moon big and bright and very visible as it moves past the window.

I like this one especially. I like the night.

full moon time lapse

2 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Time Lapse”

  1. This was touted as both the Harvest Moon and the Last Super Moon of the year. We were supposed to see a very large orange moon last night. Factor in our weather pattern, cold front coming down from north and rain south and west of us. I couldn’t see the moon until around 10 PM(through the clouds) and in truth, it didn’t look much larger than normal. Now, the night before, when it was not quite full–it was quite a bit larger to my eye.! We have the usual forcast for coastal flooding due to the larger moon–extended into tonight’s high tides. Perhaps someone in Eastern CT saw the super full Harvest moon–will watch the news for pictures. Good that you didn’t go to Vegas this week–they too got flooded! My guess is that the LA river is overflowing the culverts, too.

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