Does This Make Me A Professional

It’s tougher than ever to be a professional shooter.

I have become part of the problem. You’re welcome.

Geoff Fox   Fine Art

Am I a professional photographer? I now have photos for sale. More on that in a moment.

“Real” professional photographers complain about well meaning, but poorly trained and equipped amateurs who buy a DSLR and freelance. They complain because those guys steal business. It’s tougher than ever to be a professional shooter.

I have become part of the problem. You’re welcome.

My hobby is photography. Maybe more obsession than hobby. Photography is a technical sport. I have little artistic talent. None is needed. It’s all about understanding the tools… and a little Photoshop.

People say nice things about my work all the time. Maybe they’d like to hang me?

My friend, Catie Canetti, is also a photographer. She’s taken great shots recently in the Tetons near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Catie sells her work online. I thought I’d try too.

You can see my first three offerings on There are a lot more to come.

I believe my $30 is the only qualification to being a fine artist at FineArtAmerica!

I’ll let you and the IRS know how things go.

6 thoughts on “Does This Make Me A Professional”

  1. Let’s try this again! I apparently hadn’t filled in my full e-mail address and inadvertantly got kicked off your site when I tried to submit.
    Actually, I am pleased to see that there is a site where I can view some of your works, as over time, I have often thought that they would like nice on a real wall (in house). Now, when you get that perfect picture of a Luminescent wave at Laguna Beach–that somewhat resembles an oil painting I once saw at an arts show there–we may be in business. The art work was only around $150 at the time, but in the mid ’60’s that was a lot of money for a single RN, managing on her own. I have never seen another piece that duplicated that particular painting—and I certainly have looked.
    A lot of folk sell their photos matted and framed (or not) at holiday and seasonal craft shows here in New England. Most are not professional’s per se—just trying to add to their income. Now that Gov Malloy has added sales tax to that, it is difficult all the way around. Some of the neatest stuff I have seen and purchased is those who digitally transpose their photos on to canvas. There is an artist photographer out of Maine who is excellent. So—good luck with your new venture. Enjoyed reading your bio –also~!

  2. Your photos have always been beautiful; I always enjoy it when you post new photos. I’m sure there will be many people who will enjoy having them on their walls. (So, will Doppler become a supermodel?)

  3. Good luck with this new “career.” As someone above mentioned, there sure is a lot of work available by accomplished amateurs like you. Ah, competition. Your photos have always been admirable. I have enjoyed shooting with you in the past (not to happen again now that we live at opposite ends of the continent.) Our Brooklyn Bridge Scott Kelby Photowalk remains of my most enjoyable shoots ever. I look forward to seeing more of your photos for sale and learning how successful you are at selling them.

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