Shhhhh… He’s Asleep

Really? Seriously? The 89 year old guy in the chair who didn’t expect to get off the plane? Do you need a Director of Common Sense?


My dad’s in California. Long day. Everything did not go exactly as planned.

He’s fine. Exhausted. Well fed. Asleep.

His flight from Milwaukee to San Francisco was flawless. For those counting, WN4233 flew the 1,843 mile MKE-SFO route so directly it added only 17 miles to the mathematical minimum!

He sat in the first row, window. The middle seat was empty. Airplane nirvana.

At SFO an unannounced change of equipment! This route was chosen specifically because it was direct. Poof.

My father reports it was handled well with a waiting wheelchair, though he did have to show ID two times while in San Francisco.

Dear TSA —

Really? Seriously? The 89 year old guy in the chair who didn’t expect to get off the plane? Do you need a Director of Common Sense?

All the best,

sfo-sna flight

The SFO-SNA run wasn’t nearly as direct, avoiding LAX by flying mainly over the ocean. The flight left two minutes early, arrived twenty minutes late.

My father was in transit nearly seven hours. Exhausted. We all sat and watched football then had (for him a late) dinner.

We walked to the patio–larger than he thought. It’s not. We are just small people. However, it is this magical little space that’s inside and outside and private with a view when desired. And hummingbirds.

daddy and doggy

My father’s petted Doppler a few times. She licked him back. We never had a family dog. It will be interesting to see this relationship develop.

He is upstairs now. At least in-the-beginning my father’s days will be divided into upstairs and downstairs periods. Not a lot of up-and-down. We work on his stamina starting tomorrow.

He walks fine. We have no chair or aids for him to use. He just doesn’t walk far.

Hold on. He reads this. Daddy, we’re going to get you stronger, more physically active.

Lofty goal. We’ll see.

Welcome to SoCal, Harold Fox.

15 thoughts on “Shhhhh… He’s Asleep”

  1. We can read the love in this family, God Bless. May your time together be special and hopefully you will help your Dad to gain strength. Be in any event, I am sure his visit with you will be special to each of you.


      1. I’m sorry to hear this. When my mom died from Alzheimer’s 15 years ago it was as if she had died twice. We lost her to the disease and then again when she passed away. Someone said every once in a while God picks some flowers. A nice thought for a sad occasion. Enjoy your dad. You have a wonderful loving family.

  2. I apologize if this comes across wrong but Geoff, your father is 90 years old. Why would you make this man travel across the country??? How insensitive can you possibly be?
    We all want our family around us but this is just ridiculus. Very selfish of you!

    1. You could not be more wrong. This is a trip my father very much wanted to make–and we wanted to have him.

      You really should know all the facts before you’re judgemental.

    2. Oh boy Amy, I am GLAD I am not your mother! Guess you believe us “old folks” should be put in a room, in a bed or chair and wait for death to come for us!

      I hope you are not treated this way in your “old age”

      Lord, please keep me away from the Amy’s or anyone who believes as she believes!

  3. You are so right Geoff. No one should judge. We certainly don’t know all the facts and need not know all the facts. But, to be honest, People who think like Amy scare me, me as a senior citizen.

  4. Judith…not only are you correct, but the science of aging backs you up.

    We live in CT…and a slew of people in family in the medical profession. What Geoff is doing with his dad, not only will extend his short term health (humans NEED interaction and to see and do things), but my very well extend his LIFE!. It’s a proven fact that keeping the aged engaged and surrounded by family is a huge driver of their health.

    Sitting in a cold, dark room for the next 3 months in the tundra of Midwest, walking to the window and back, would have little benefit for Geoff’s Dad. In CA, he can get much more exercise and stay engaged with others. Sitting and staring out the window all day is a waste. If I make it to Geoff’s dad, age, you bet I would be living it up every day to the fullest.

    1. Yes, J.C. I may be as old as Geoff’s Dad (I’m 73) but I keep trying, trying to stay active and involved. I work part time and enjoy getting together with friends as much as possible and do a little volunteering. I also plan on going back to the gym within the next week. I also am trying to work out a plan to go to a warmer climate for at least part of our Ct winter.

      So, at best let me say, I am not going down with a fight! I am NOT going to lay down in a corner and let “old age” take me out. Sure I am going to 1. Get old or 2. Die. But I don’t have to lay down in a corner just because I am what is referred to as a senior citizen.

      Good for Geoff’s father! He what’s to live too!!!

  5. Plus, now he has a new audience for his jokes. Listen Geoff, when you get finished rehabbing dad, maybe you can stop by Long Island and rehab Zelda and bring uncle Harold with you. We love you guys. Enjoy the visit.

  6. I hope you all enjoy this time together. And, I’m sure Doppler will love the extra petting she’ll get from your dad. I’ll bet she and your dad will become fast friends.

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