The Houseguest

“I feel better this time,” he said. Not so fast, Harold.


My dad slept well last night. That’s a good thing. He was already downstairs when I woke up.

We walked this morning. Perfect day. Sun filtered by high, thin cirrus, with a few contrails thrown in for good measure. Temps in the mid-70s.

We didn’t go far–down my block then across the next street to sit on a bench near a neighborhood basketball court. Then we walked home.

Later this afternoon we walked again, a little farther. “I feel better this time,” he said. Not so fast, Harold.

Yes, he’s 89, but my dad’s level of physical activity has been near zero. Change should come quickly. Soreness too.

Meanwhile, I’m on my way to Burbank tomorrow and he’ll be riding shotgun. Two days in California and he’s already unlocking the HOV lane for me.

3 thoughts on “The Houseguest”

  1. What a great pic of the three of you! And, I’ll bet soon, with his new “exercise routine”, your dad will be running circles around you!

  2. Nice picture! Hopefully your dad will be staying with you for a long enough period, so you can take the exercise regime slowly. It may be hard on you, but better that he just make a small increase every day and not get so tired that he has to sit out a couple of days. I give him credit for taking on this trip—hopefully, it will give him a lot of good memories. This past year has been hard on him–emotionally–even with family close by.

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