My New On-Site Playmate

I was worried about tiring him out. Maybe that worry is misplaced? I’m bushed.


My dad is here. I’ve gained an on-site father and a playmate! Good for me.

I was worried about tiring him out. Maybe that worry is misplaced? I’m bushed.

We’ve walked multiple times per day. Yesterday, one of his jaunts was a quarter mile.

I didn’t measure today’s, but it was farther. A step at a time. More importantly, he is enthused.

There was a package to be picked at NBC yesterday. He rode shotgun as we headed to Universal City and back. Good company.

This afternoon my dad met the neighbors. I volunteered to take their Christmas card family photo. He likes little kids and John and Veronica’s three are amazing.

The photo shoot itself took a few minutes. Then we schmoozed.

This evening my dad and I headed to Laguna Beach for sunset. It was cloudy, but there’s always natural beauty at the beach. We both agreed my mom would have enjoyed the artsy feel and beautiful setting that’s Laguna Beach.

He has been cooped up too much. He really needs to get out. This is good.





6 thoughts on “My New On-Site Playmate”

  1. It might have been cloudy, but that is a super picture of the sunset—sometimes with open sky one doesn’t get such good reflection as you did tonight.
    Dad too looks rested and happy. This will be good time for all of you. So, are you putting up a ChrisHanakah tree this year??
    Back to your dad—this will give him time to sort out the happennings of the past months, and also make new memories. And when he goes back east—and skypes with you–he’ll be able to picture things and re-experience his time with you. You are so lucky to have been able to get him out there. I have friends out there whose parents never would travel that far, and never saw the grandchildren grow up. Your dad, thankfully, is willing to try to keep up with LIFE!

  2. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing for him and for yourself! Enjoy every minute! I work at an assisted living facility and I am amazed at how many people there never seem to get family visitors or outings! I will be there all Christmas week including Christmas Day. I will have to step up and give them some joy! Nothing replaces family!

  3. It’s great your getting your dad outside – the sunshine and mild temps will do him well. Not only do the mild temps allow him to be outside more, but I think the sunshine is a big factor in how many older folks feel in the cold months.

    I just talked to my uncle in Vero Beach, FL, while we are inside and it’s overcast and 39 F in New Haven – it’s sunny and 60 F there. He’s playing golf in the sun, while we are sitting inside. I can’t wait to head to Florida the day after Christmas!!

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