Rain For SoCal, Again

Once again we’re right on the 3-hour flash flood line. I expect some flooding. Homes in burn areas will be threatened by mudslides. A few inches of rain probable through this region.


Helaine saw the hashtag #stormageddon touted on TV a few minutes ago. SoCal is bracing… again. Is there some weird secret competition with the East on weather?

“Yeah… well… rain!”

Actually this storm looks very un-SoCalish. The radar from Vandenberg AFB shows a squall line out front. The HRRR agrees. The squalls remain intact as the line slides down the coast. Embedded thunderstorms are entirely possible.

We’ll have rain most of the day Friday though the bulk falls between 4-7 AM. We’re right on the 3-hour flash flood line, again. I expect some flooding. Homes in burn areas will be threatened by mudslides. A few inches of rain probable through this region.

wind15min_t410m_f0945The heaviest wind comes with the heaviest of the rain. Winds will gust out of the south. The wind map to the left highlights the higher ground where winds will be strongest.

If there’s snow for our two nearby tall peaks it will happen late in the storm. My second winter and no white so far.

Father north, San Francisco proper has gotten 2-4″ of rain with some windward mountainsides getting over 7″.

So far, this is the awful winter everyone was praying for!

3 thoughts on “Rain For SoCal, Again”

  1. Geoff, it’s good to see California is finally getting the rainfall they so desperately need, though by the looks of the news there has been some damage and mudslides. There looks to be a line of storms out in the Pacific that will hit California in the coming week that should drop a lot of precipitation. It’s good to see that the rhythm of seasonal precipitation in California is trying to get back to normal: People tend to forget that winter is the rainy season in California – unlike other areas of the USA, like the northern Plains where the winter months are the driest, or down in Florida where December through March is the dry season.

    Back home in the Tri-State region, the weather is forecast to be pretty nice (for mid-December)….no snow in the forecast, and mostly dry and sunny weather. I head down to Maryland this weekend to see family, forecast is for 50 F and sunny, so I hope the forecast holds. Hopefully, these Pacific lows passing over California can keep the mild Pacific air crossing the USA and keep the cold air locked up in Canada

  2. Didn’t look at your posts last night (Thurs–Fri). In regard to your last sentence—I don’t think this is quite the type of rain that is being prayed for. I believe the weather phenom is called a “Pineapple Express”. Not known for the slow steady rain that is really needed out there. Fri nights news (NBC) showed the damage from a tornado somewhere in Los Angeles (the east coast news never differentiates between LA the city and LA the county. I’ve seen the LA river trickle through the culvert and I’ve seen it at near flood stage—but what they showed on our news is beyond anything I ever experienced– Good your dad came into SF last week! He looks good and is obviously enjoying being surrounded by love!

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