It Doesn’t Take Much

IMG_2337My father is happy as I’ve ever seen him. He has been through a lot over the past few years. Name a trauma, he’s faced it.

He has been spoiled rotten since he’s been here. We keep him busy and fed. There is an endless supply (it will end as his plane takes off) of baked goods and sweets.

“You’ve never been this spoiled,” I said as we drove to meet the other Irvine Foxes for dinner last night.

Here’s the truth. He doesn’t have to be spoiled to smile. Helaine and Stef took him to Costco this afternoon. That’s where the picture was taken.

Don’t expect my dad back on the golf course anytime soon. Costco, that’s a different story.

He goes back to Milwaukee the 27th. Great grandchildren are even better than Costco.

2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Take Much”

  1. Does your dad want to move from Milwaukee to California to permanently stay with you? I love your stories! Do you have a lot of relatives in Wisconsin? In Indian culture, the parents live with their children for life.

    1. I think my dad is intrigued by the weather but very excited about spending time with his Milwaukee family, especially the great grandchildren. He is encouraged to visit as often and for as long as he wants.

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