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I just got an email from… well, I’ll let her tell you.

Hey There!

My name is Mandi Rogers and I am a casting producer seeking America’s next meteorologist for a major network television show!

Are you a meteorologist with a big personality? Do you think you have what it takes to be “America’s Next Weatherman?” Emmy award winning production company is now casting weathermen and women for a major network! Are you a passionate climatolgist? Do you love everything about the weather and ready for your big debut? This could be your chance to For more details submit yourself now with a breif bio, location, website (if applicable), contact number and photo.

I have attached a flier for more information on how to apply and would love if you could help us get the word out to your weathercaster family, co-workers, interns and social media following. Feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or just hang up a flier.

***If you have the personality and bravery to report in any climate, then we want you!

“I’ll show you how to stalk,” Stef offered. She then followed the breadcrumbs until we found the show’s producer. “I’ve sent emails like this.” She has.

Email like mine are sent early in the development process. Usually things stall. Not always. This show might hit the air.

Not with me.

2 thoughts on “Now Casting For Weathermen”

  1. The real tragedy is that in this age of high tech computer forecast models, 24 satellite coverage, and the easy of getting accurate and current surface weather data…weather forecasts have become more hyped, biased, and are more “marketed” than they ever have been.

    Never is this more obvious than in winter in the USA: The hype of winter and the “threat of winter weather coming soon”, is now used in much of the central and northern USA (and now even Europe as well)as a marketing ploy to hold the viewing publics attention as long as possible. Obviously people want to know if hazardous road conditions will impact them, but the non-stop barrage of headlines (“80 million will see temperature plunge”)…. hyped forecasts (“20 inches of snow could hit Washington DC and NYC”(yea, and what are the odds of that -lol)…. and the pro-winter bias of many forecasters (anyone who lives in Connecticut can vouch for this one)…modern weather forecasting seems to have been sold out to the Gerry Springer show.

    As a person who has studied climatology…and lives in the Tri-State area….the bias or pro-winter forecasts is what galls me the most! This first month of meterological winter is so typical: As we approach the final 10 days of December and no snow has fallen in the big cities on the upper East Coast (which is statistically common ), the media and weather forecasters are down now hyping things like 40 F windchills (lol), or it’s going be a “cold rain” (what?), or we see a big storm in the models on December 29th (yea, and how many times will that change from run to run in the models -lol)…etc. It hit 55 F in Bridgeport yesterday…yet the local weatherperson can only tell us how cold it “might” get 10 days from now or next month. You can see the anger in their faces that it has been mild this first month of winter.

    I know you were not a fan of winter Geoff (which helped of course), but what I miss the most about you CT weather forecasts is that you never hyped the threat of winter weather. What we have left in CT these days is a sad group of ultra pro-winter forecasters and TV station marketing departments that twist the truth beyond belief.


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