Don’t Go To Sleep Yet

hdr_branding.jpg  980×108Earlier this afternoon I met with the news director and general manager of KMIR in Palm Springs. I am thrilled to announce I start on January 1st.

There’s more.

I’ll be doing some of my broadcasts from a studio I’m building in my garage. I’ll still be live with realtime interaction with the anchors. We just won’t be in the same room.

Some of my friends from Channel 8 will remember me talking about this idea years ago. The technology and time is right. With this setup I’ll be able to offer my services to other stations as well, no matter where they’re located.

I’m super excited about KMIR and will be devoting lots of time to make sure everything works perfectly.

Quite honestly, it’s pretty cool.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Go To Sleep Yet”

  1. Oh, how I miss hearing those words…”Don’t go to sleep yet”!
    Congratulations on your new adventure!! I wish you the best of luck. I am jealous,though, of those on the west coast who will hear/see you. Connecticut misses you!

  2. hi geoff all the ct fans you had in ct will miss hearing those words on the nightly ct news. oh geoff, so happy for you.congradulations .we all love and adore you back here in ct so much. that was the good part of the ct news when you always said those bAD CT FANS DONT GET THE NEWS OUT THEIR WHERE YOU ARE. PATTY SHAFER IN CT TIYE BIG FAN ALWAYS.

  3. That’s great Geoff, always enjoyed watching you do the weather from Connecticut even though we live in NY – Best of luck

  4. Bravo Zulu!!! Glad you’ll be back on the air…I just wish it were here. But tell me, isn’t doing the weather out there kinda boring? To report, I mean NOT to live in!!!

  5. Geoff-

    Such great news, glad to hear that you will be back after that long dry spell. Our loss will be definitely be their gain. Happy meteorology!!

    73, Mike Tucker, W1MCT

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