First Day Back On TV

“Don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more KMIR News to come.”

Geoff and Janet

It’s after midnight. I am lying on my bed in a hotel not far from the station. I’m bushed. Long day.

Maybe, more importantly, an emotional day. That too is tiring.

geoff palms outTV came back to me very quickly. If anything I was a little too intense. There was a lot of pressure to release. I will calm down.

The station itself is like a comfortable shoe. The newsroom is small and friendly. So many people here remind me of people I’ve worked with before.

If co-workers are any indication, it went well.

Janet Zappala anchored at 5, 6, 9 and 11. After tossing to weathercasts recorded in Vegas with no interplay, she was ready for a live body.

We didn’t need to set up what we were going to talk about. It usually takes time to establish that trust. We both knew right away the other would be up for nearly anything.

There is a tease with weather included at 9 and 11. I got to say it!

“Don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more KMIR News to come.”

It felt good.

I was also touched by the response of my Connecticut viewers via Facebook. It’s so strange to be gone and not forgotten. That doesn’t happen often.

(Thanks to Dee Wescott who lives here, but is from Connecticut. She shot the TV pics I’ve used.)

30 thoughts on “First Day Back On TV”

  1. Geoff I’m so happy for you!! You were meant for TV,you have a wonderful personality and will always give 100%. The reason why I use to watch the weather in ct. Always trust your forecast. Good – luck .. wish I had a phone that could play videos to watch..

  2. I am so ecstatic for you you won’t believe. You don’t really know me from adam, but I have been reading your blog and your journey for quite a while through Facebook. I am beyond thrilled that you are doing what you LOVE. Congratulations.

  3. Geoff,
    I always enjoyed watching you in Connecticut. Often you would turn the weather into a learning experience which I found very interesting. Missed you this summer when you incorporated the vegetable garden with the climate. Best of luck. You are a pro.

  4. So very happy for you, congratulations! You’re a natural, you’re back where you belong. We have close friends who have a home Iin Palm Springs and can’t help but think how lucky they to have you as their meteorologist. Best of luck!

  5. I surely miss “Don’t Go To sleep Yet” and live in Danbury,Ct.No one come up to you and your upbeat personality, Geoff.

  6. Congratulations Geoff!!………

    Obviously, you’re fans still here in CT “haven’t gone to sleep yet”!! We really miss hearing that signature tag line. Kind of like the ending of Mastercard commercial…….”priceless”!! You own that line and wear it well.

    Happy for you that you’re back on the horse.

  7. You’re gone from us connecticut folks but NEVER EVER forgot! Your a sunshine that could never be replace! When I heard you say “don’t go to sleep yet” it actually was rewarding to hear your voice again but so sad because of what we lost here in Connecticut. You have fans who grew up watching and learning from your. My heart breaks in a way that my 7 year old daughter has missed out watching your personality and comic relief which is a natural gift that is not taught and the networks here are so dumb not to see it! So you Southern California folks better be kind and enjoy our Geoff because we still miss him!

  8. We will not share — you are STILL Connecticut’s meteorologist with the BEST personality and our Mr. Science!!! California, you are lucky to have Geoff!

  9. Congrats,Geoff. I’m glad you’re back on the air and wish you the best. I’m in the OC (not in TV anymore) and will look forward to watching you when we visit Palm Springs.

  10. Happy for you that things went so well…but we would rather be hearing/seeing you here in CT. Keep up the good work and those in SoCal will love you the way we do.

  11. Glad it went well for you, Geoff. I was thinking about you yesterday hoping it went well. You will always be missed here, you know that.

  12. Hey, Geoff, I echo all the congratulatory wishes here. Wish you were on-air here in Phoenix. Have a wonderful time doing what you love.

  13. Geoff,

    Very happy for you. You are very much missed here in Connecticut. You always made the weather fun to watch and made us laugh. That will never be duplicated. That is what always made you stand out.

    Best of luck and keep on keeping on.

  14. Great news! Connecticut’s loss is Palm Springs’ gain. (I think Palm Springs got the better part of that deal.) With your expertise, the viewers are in for quite a treat.

    Are the skies REALLY clear at night? Viewing the stars and meteor showers must be fantastic where the skied are usually clear, especially if it’s not in the upper 30’s outside. And the weather is completely different there. Is it hard to adapt to the change?

    My very best wishes. You should know that you have a lot friends and fans back in CT who are rooting for you. If it’s streaming, we may even tune in to watch your weather.

  15. KMIR…. I’m sure the “MIR” part of the call letters was not overlooked by you. Since MIR was the first operational space station, I’m sure this is going to be a perfect fit. The local viewers will discover that over the next few months!

    …which reminds me of a not so old Yiddish joke about that space station falling back to Earth. A school of Gefilte fish were swimming in the Pacific Ocean one evening when they spotted the glow and debris of the incoming space station. One fish looked at the other and said, “Oy vey, it’s MIR!”

    (To some, that’s funny.) (You’ve had some jokes like that over the years.)

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