Scoping Out The Neighborhood


This was my second day working out of the KMIR studios in Palm Desert. There are lots of cities with Palm and Desert in their names here. Why not? We’ve got lots of Palms and even more desert!

Today’s more practical predicament was to find a place for breakfast and dinner. That’s easier today than ever before because most restaurants are national chains. The mom and pop standalone is a dying breed.

Still, I wanted to get a feel for the neighborhood, so I asked our assignment manager for a suggestion. I ended up at Keedy’s Fountain Grill on Highway 111.

Keedy’s opened for business in 1957. It’s likely that’s the last time they redecorated. In a place where nearly everything is of recent vintage, Keedy’s sticks out.

Service was fast. My omelet was tasty. It was exactly the right place to go!

Dinner was a little more difficult. This time I set out on my own. I was on the phone with my sister as I pulled into McDonald’s.

Cue the guilt!

I ended up taking out from Panera.

I’m not sure what it’s officially called, but I had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and chicken noodle soup. Comfort food seemed apropos.

Two more newscasts tonight then I drive home to Irvine. I should be there before 1:30.

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