Eating On The Road

rsz_imag2105I’ve been living in a hotel the past week. I’m home tonight but back in the hotel next week. It’s a very nice hotel. Accommodations were great.

It’s not home. It’s just not.

Helaine sent me on my way with bagels, bananas and a huge container of fresh fruit salad. That helped. It’s not home cooking.

One of the biggest problems of life on-the-road is eating well. The temptation is fast food. Most fast food is caloric suicide.

I headed to the grocery store instead. Thursday night Connie at Von’s made me a hot chicken breast sandwich on sourdough with artichokes, fresh mozz, lettuce and tomatoes.

Oh my!

I went back tonight and added a cup of soup. I couldn’t stay away.

A sandwich isn’t my best choice, but it beats most alternatives. It’s so easy to eat poorly.

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