It’s Starting To Look Like A Studio

studio 5E

“Take Doppler to piddle, but stop in the garage before you come upstairs.” Helaine wanted me to see what she’d accomplished while I was gone.

Holy crap. It’s a studio!

It took lots of work on her part preparing and painting the wall. The electrician removed an outlet right in the middle. Helaine patched and sanded before applying two coats of Behr Sparkling Apple.

It looks amazing. She’s amazing.

Two backlights are overhead. The key lights are on stands. They’ll be held in place with sandbags. That’s how it’s done in real studios.

There are mounts and power for monitors and a clock hung from a beam.

Cox came and installed service. I’m told I need 6-8 mbps for high quality, low latency, HD video. I’ve got triple that.

Most of the equipment is still enroute. I’d like to set it up next weekend, if possible. I’m itching to get started.

Little things keep popping up. We’re starting from scratch. I ordered a charger, 8 AA NiMh batteries, a few 25 foot HDMI cables and light meter, tonight.

In a few weeks my garage will be a chroma key driven sound stage. It’s for work. It’s a toy. This is a very cool project.

6 thoughts on “It’s Starting To Look Like A Studio”

  1. Just curious, how will all this equipment and power to broadcast from your home affect the neighborhood? Will it interfere with signals and wifi in the area? Do you live in an HOA community that allows this set-up in your home? I know this is a lot of questions but I was wondering how you managed to achieve all this high tech equipment to broadcast without it interfering with the neighboring community. I live in an HOA and I can’t imagine them allowing us to build and set-up an at-home studio such as yours. I think it’s a great idea and wish you luck in your new job, you are sorely missed in CT.

    1. It’s a home office. It will have exactly the same impact as any other home office. It doesn’t transmit over-the-air. There are no employees. The lights only draw 60 watts per panel. It will have a few computers and a camera.

      1. Wow, Geoff, that is awesome that you will be able to transmit all your work in your at-home studio with so little power output and just using your computers and a camera. I am so technology illiterate that it amazes me how easily you will be able to work from home and broadcast from there. You’re a one-man wizard that KMIR is very lucky to have on board. Thanks for the explanation of how you will be doing this from home.

  2. Geoff, don’t you mean Time Warner for your Internet?

    What is this home studio going to be for? (My apologies if you answered this before, I’m still reading your blog posts.)


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