Tonight’s Nerdy Accomplishment

As you might already know, I host space oriented webcasts for As shows approach I also produce promos. They’re done one man band style: research, write, find video, voice and edit. That’s fun.

Video editing is done at home where my computer is beefy. Tonight I’m in a hotel with a laptop. Editing changes have been requested! Wrong gear for the job. Time to improvise.

I tunneled in with remote control software and operated my home computer from here. It worked better than expected! I heard sound and saw video.

There was lag when pressing keys. Because of that it isn’t a good method for delicate, highly accurate edits. I just needed to modify fonts and resize graphics.

Is it OK that I did it, but was still amazed it could be done–and easily?

The file has been uploaded for Slooh’s producer to see. Mission accomplished.

Screenshot 2015-01-21 00.03.51

Screenshot 2015-01-21 00.10.10

Screenshot 2015-01-21 00.31.13

One thought on “Tonight’s Nerdy Accomplishment”

  1. While I’m not editing video, I do sometimes have to work on a program that’s on my work computer, but not at home. Tunneling in with my laptop, and the delay, makes me crazy, but it’s better than driving the 35 minutes into work for something that takes an hour to do. I just grit my teeth and try not to hit the mouse key too often when it doesn’t move as fast as I’d like.

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