The Compliment


My studio is ready to go, but some equipment here at the TV station is not. If not fixed it’s another week in the hotel. I was hoping to sleep in my own bed.

Meanwhile, yesterday I was asked by our chief engineer to explain my tech needs to an IT guy. It used to be video and audio flowed through ‘electronic plumbing.’ No more. Most of the chain in today’s digital video environment is IT.

I started explaining how the signal would flow from my house to the TV station when Scott, our CE, interrupted. “He’s an engineer,” he told the IT pro while pointing at me.

Of all the nerdy accomplishments possible, being called an engineer by an actual engineer was pretty cool.

I’m not really an engineer. I know enough to be dangerous. I basked in that compliment all day!

3 thoughts on “The Compliment”

  1. I can see your “glow” from here Geoff!!!! LOVE how you had to explain to their IT how things would work!!!! BRAVO!!! Hope you don’t have to stay in the hotel too much longer….there’s no place like home!!!

  2. A wise Physician told me once, “the degree doesn’t make the individual. The craft does”… I didn’t get it as a new nurse, but now in my 40+ years of bedpans, babies, scrubbing in the OR, etc. I realize it’s truly a craft and just like every other job, people know and learn certain things as they evolve in their specialty. I believe that the man who called you an Engineer not only complemented you but assured you that you do function in that capacity…. Rock on, Engineer Geoff!

  3. Engineer: An individual that takes an abstraction all the way to a malfunction…

    Yup, Many of us are ‘engineers by experience’. Experience usually defined by the boss coming into the office saying, “I need you to do something…”

    That was how I got started doing COBOL programming, of all things…never really learned THAT in school. Ended up being a semi-expert in 6 weeks out of necessity…and it kept family fed for the next 2 1/2 years somehow…

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