Hotel Life

webcam-toy-photo3In my room. 12:14 am. A little bored.

Being on the road is not like being at home. Don’t get me wrong. I’m in a fine hotel. No Helaine. None of my stuff.

I just ran down to the car. No USB charging cables. Who am I?

I’m very anxious to perfect my operation of the TriCaster. That’s the ‘control room’ for my home studio.

It does what’s needed. I just have to figure out how to command it. I don’t yet speak its language.

The TriCaster is capable of following a set of predetermined transitions between graphic elements, allowing me to ‘drive’ the show while on set in my studio. Along with originating live-from-home, it’s also probably a potential TV first.

I have to learn how it’s done.

There are two or three “aha” moments coming before I really understand the box. I’m reading manuals and watching tutorials, but need more hands on time.

By definition computer programs need to be logical. That makes learning easier. There’s no doubt I’ll get it. How quickly? Dunno.

TV friends say the TriCaster is easy to operate. I’m eager.


Meanwhile, I work with nice people at a fun operation. No complaining. It is truly a winter paradise. You’d love it here.

2 thoughts on “Hotel Life”

  1. Geoff,

    Any chance of enlisting the expertise of one of your KMIR station engineers to survey and analyze your set-up so it will spare you the tedium of going through your tech manuals and the trial and error process of getting your studio up and running? Tapping into extra resources is always a good thing. Good Luck!! Hope you’re up and broadcasting soon.

  2. Geoff-
    In this age of up-to-date technology, you might find some humor in this: At approximately 6:30 this evening, (27 January) I received a warning on my Alarming weather radio that a blizzard warning was being issued. hmmm, do you think perhaps, the Procrastinator’s Club of America might have issued?

    73, Mike Tucker, W1MCT

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